About Our Company

Built on Integrity and Craftsmanship

A Sharper Finish is a locally owned and operated contractor specializing in both residential and commercial projects. Growing up, the owner spent his time in his father’s woodworking shop learning the art of carpentry and as a teenager; he started the company out of his mom’s garage as a residential painter. He continues his love for mastering the trades and still loves the thrill of a challenging project. Now, almost 20 years later, A Sharper Finish has continued to expand its areas of expertise with a multifaceted team dedicated to both local residential and national commercial contracts from painting to full scale remodeling. As a life-long learner, he is always researching and learning new ways to achieve better results.

Regardless of whether we are completing a residential or a commercial project, A Sharper Finish has built its reputation on delivering projects consistently, on-time, and done right the first time. As a bit of a perfectionist ourselves, we are committed to paying attention to the details and ensuring the project exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box and are continuously creating and executing best practices to minimize disruption to your daily life ensuring your home or your store remains operational.

Our Philosophy

  • Dedicated to the highest quality standards and craftsmanship
  • Committed to consistent, on-time delivery
  • Flexible and adaptable to meet unique customer needs and timelines
  • Consistent and transparent in our communications
  • Rooted in strong business ethics and adherence to industry standards